Skyebucks Bearded Collies

Sue and Dennis Hudson

We share our lives with three beautiful beardies, Skye, Inca and Healey and live in a lovely location by the sea in Suffolk.  (Sadly Skye and Inca both died during 2016)

Skye is our first bearded collie and she came to live with us in early 2003.  At the time we were living in Buckinghamshire - hence our Affix Skyebucks.  We are very grateful to George and Maureen Hale for allowing us to share our lives with Skye and Inca who are both Damalek bred.

Our love for the bearded collie came from our first family pet, Calli, who was 90% beardie.  She joined us at 8 weeks old, just a few weeks after our marriage and lived for almost 16 wonderful happy years.