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Skyebucks 2nd Litter born 20th December 2010

Posted by Sue Hudson on December 24, 2010 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (0)

After a restless evening on Sunday 19th December and early hours of Monday 20th December, Inca had her first contraction just after 9am.  Puppy No 1 arrived at 09:18hrs weighing 13.5oz - a slate boy.  Puppy No 2 arrived at 09:35hrs weighing 13.0oz - a slate boy.  Puppy No 3 arrived at 09:50hrs weighing 13.2oz - a slate boy.  (Come On Inca, We Need Some Girls!) Puppy No 4 arrived at 11:05hrs weighing 11.9oz - a slate girl (Horray!) Puppy No 5 followed very quickly at 11:09hrs weighing 12.8oz - a slate boy.  Puppy No 6 arrived at 11:53hrs weighing 12.2oz - a slate girl.  Puppy No 7 arrived at 12.28hrs weighing 12.6oz - a slate boy and finally Puppy No 8 arrived at 14:15hrs weighing 13.8oz - a slate girl.  Puppies 1-7 were whelped head first and Puppy 8 was whelped feet first.  This little puppy took a few minutes to start breathing and then to suckle but very soon recovered.


All puppies are ID tagged with letters from F to M, continuing on from Inca's last litter of A-E.  They have all been given nicknames with a Christmassy theme as follows:


Pup 1 - F = Frosty

Pup 2 - G = Glitter

Pup 3 - H = Ho-Ho

Pup 4 - I = Ivy

Pup 5 - J = Jingle

Pup 6 - K = Kracker

Pup 7 - L = Little Lord (a-leaping)

Pup 8 - M = Merry


All puppies and Mummy Inca are very content and had a good first night.