Skyebucks Bearded Collies

Skyebucks 1st Litter - 16 May 2009

Our first litter were born to Inca (Damalek Diamond Chimes at Skyebucks and Albert (Ch Atherleigh Mahogany Moon.

We had 5 gorgeous black & white puppies: Alpha - dog, Bravo - bitch, Charley - bitch, Delta - dog, Echo - dog.

Alpha became Healey (Skyebucks What A Difference) and stayed with us.

Bravo became Cleo (Skyebucks Wishin and Hoping) and went to live with Terry & Alison in the New Forest.

Charley became Phoebe (Skyebucks Waltzing Matilda) and went to live with Ray & Pat in Ipswich.

Delta became Dylan (Skyebucks Wade in the Water) and went to live with Stuart & Allyson near Newcastle.

Echo became Jester (Skyebucks Waterloo Sunset) and went to live with Jan & Mary in Suffolk.

We are so happy to have found such lovely homes for our puppies.